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Stuntin' For the Gram: Realizing Your Talent

You ever been scrolling down the timeline and see Shimmygirl67barbiedoll2018 using her self-taught make-up techniques and they are flawless or see the extremely talented Ebony Jenkins hitting the highest strongest notes or maybe it’s a good day and Super B$%(h come crime-fighting Olympic Olivia Benson Brue Lee Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Black Canary style flipping across the timeline in thigh-high neon pink heels!? It can make you sit back and think, dang they are talented. Well, guess what, you are too. Twitter and Instagram showcase people’s abilities literally every second of every day. It has even led a few to larger and more successful platforms. So, let’s explore your abilities and find out how we can maximize your success.

If you already know what your talents and strengths are, then congratulations🕺🏾! That’s something than can take many of us years to figure out. (keep reading though cause even knives need to be sharpened every now and then and you will learn something) And if you haven’t, you’re in luck my friend. You came to right place!

First off, your abilities can be broken down into three main categories: a talent, which is a naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior; a skill, which is the ability that is acquired by training and practicing; or a strength, which represents an ability that you’ve developed into a consistent, near-perfect performance. These are often confused with each other because sometimes they can be the same even though they are not synonymous 🤔. In fact, a person’s true talent can seem completely unrelated to their strengths. You know what, let’s break this down even further and use a familiar face to do it 😏.

Now, I love me some Bad Gal RiRi. However, I don’t think anyone can deny that Beyoncé 🐐 is an incredibly talented artist. I hear it all the time that she is one of the greatest performers of all time. And that is true. However, how much of Beyoncé is talent, skill, and strength?

As said before, a talent is a naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior. It’s something you naturally do. It’s the way that you naturally think, naturally feel or naturally behave. It’s your defaults. While you can train yourself to think, feel, or behave another way, it can be like going against the grain and you’re no longer leveraging your natural talent. Work smarter not harder. 💁🏾

Talent reflects how you're hard-wired. That’s the biggest difference between it, skills and even knowledge. You can’t buy, rent or steal talent (🦊 Swiper nooo Swipey!). Talent dictates your moment-by-moment reactions to your environment. It’s instinct. It’s constant.

For Beyoncé, that’s her vocal ability. The girl can sing sing 🎤! And while there are singers who are more powerful. Singers who can hit higher notes and even singers who have a wider range. There are very few singers who have mastered their natural voices. Beyoncé is one of those. The way she has captured and utilized the versatility of her voice is nothing less than great. However, it is because her singing ability is a natural gift. She was born with it. 👉🏾 Home

With that, think for a moment. What comes natural for you? What can you do without even thinking about it?...That’s probably one of your talents.

Skill refers to the ability which is acquired by training and practicing. It is the ability to do something, but a person is not born with it. It is achieved by a lot of hard work. Thus, unlike talent, skills are something that can be learned 👍🏿.

Skill enables you to perform a task efficiently. As there are no criteria for acquiring skills, it can be practiced by any person, but it requires lots of hard work, time and other resources for the person to develop it. Sometimes it takes many years to acquire certain skills. Proper practicing and training are required to learn and master many life skills.

You can master a skill so well that it appears to be a talent. It can be general or specific. General skills refer to the skills which are commonly acquired by the people like leadership skills, teamwork and dancing. On the other hand, specific skills are those which are related to performing a particular task or job. This might be a hard skill like programming, hardware design, and web design or a soft skill like negotiating, project management, and people management.

For Beyoncé, songwriting is a skill. Writing is not something we are, or she was born with. Some people may have a talent for emoting, but even this does not always make a great songwriter or can translate into a great song. Beyoncé has worked hard on her song writing abilities and in return has crafted or helped craft some of the most recognizable songs in our generation such as the iconic hit Survivor to which she wrote after Mathew forced LeToya (shout out Rochelle Skanks #Greenleaf) and LeTavia out the group. 👉🏾 Survivor Dancing is also another incredible skill of Bey’s. However, it is still just that, a skill. 👉🏾 Lose my Breath

Once again, think of something you have worked hard to make your own. It could be writing award-winning essays (👈🏾 not one of your skills? Learn how to make it one) or being a flag girl (shout out and congrats to Third Degree Shelby). That is a skill that you have and can make stronger.

A strength represents an ability that you’ve developed into a consistent, near-perfect performance. So, you start with your talents, and from them, you build skills and then develop your strengths. It's a Talent Pyramid 😱!

Your strengths are your abilities that you’ve developed and can count on. You can consistently demonstrate peak performance. You discover, develop, and apply your talents to build your strengths. Your talents are a breeding ground for your strengths. By starting with talents, you can accelerate your learning curve and get more return for the time and energy you invest. Your strengths are the refinement of talents with knowledge and skill.

The key to building fully developed strengths are to identify your most dominant talents, then complement them with the acquired knowledge, skills, and investment.

Skills evolve into strengths. During the strength building process, don’t compare yourself with others–but instead try to find motivation in both the people who inspire and even intimidate you. Consider aligning yourself with people you feel competitive toward. You can learn a lot from a person even if your goals are similar. Concentrate on the skill building that will most affect your weaknesses and pair them with your more solidified skills. Things aren’t always going to go your way, no matter how well you and your team properly plan your goals. Use failure as motivation for skill recognition and growth.

For Bey, performing is definitely a strength. Her natural vocal ability paired with the intimacy of knowing and believing in the songs she sings because of her skill in the songwriting department allows her to engage her fans and audience across the world through dance. She is a world-class artist that consistently delivers near-perfect performances. 👉🏾 Beychella

With that, think on it and then get out there and discover your talents! Once you have, showcase and use them to catapult you into even more success. Remember, everybody is great at something, but no one is perfect at anything. And yes, that includes Beyoncé.

Now, if you found this helpful, like this post and most importantly, leave a comment! I want to know how you felt about this. Did you realize what your talent was? Did it help you understand what your strengths are? Did you learn something new? What would you like to see next in the next post? Either way, don't forget to subscribe for updates on the latest posts, opportunities and scholarships!


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