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The Purpose

I’ve been a lot of places and met a lot of people. And no matter if I was teaching pre-school in central Arizona or slinging cell phones in southern Tennessee, every single person I’ve met all needed one thing at some point, and that’s help. No one can, have or will do it alone. We all need some. And with that, I want to welcome you to yours.

WILD Success is unlike any other resource you have right now. I know that because I get it and I got you. I was raised by a single mother with two jobs and 3 kids in a tough area. We didn’t have access to certain resources and opportunities and for that I lost both of my brothers to the streets. As of 2018, both are serving multi-year sentences behind bars. So, again, I get it and that’s why I made this. It is my personal goal to be a person my brothers’ needed growing up and the resource our community currently deserves. This will help change the narratives for many of us.

WILD Success was created to take you wherever you want to go. Think of and use it like a bridge. Let it help you explore hidden opportunities around our city, connect to a new professional network, gain new friends, improve your grades, find a cool or better job and even earn scholarships for college. WILD Success helps you maximize your talent during, through and beyond high school.  

So, whether you're here on accident or came with a purpose, again, I welcome and thank you. This is and I am here to help. It is my hope that you find something that excites and propels you into the successful future you deserve. 

- Chris

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