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Ayeee!!! Look Ma, we made it!

Welcome to #ProjectOink, our very first viral conservation conversation. Whether by accident, obligation or chance, we are happy you landed on this page! You have taken the first step in joining D.I.S.S. (Duval’s Invasive Species Squad) Thang everybody is going to be talking about. Yep, we are out here using innovation to eradicate conservation threats our way, one post at a time. And our first target has us going hog wild. So, slide on down and learn more and join us.

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True to The Wild Success brand, #ProjectOink was created for and co-established with you in mind. This movement was specifically designed to make it easier for teens to get involved in a local conservation challenge. #ProjectOink's goal is to locate and safely remove the invasive wild or feral hogs from the local ecosystem using social media. That’s right. #ProjectOink simply asks you to share pictures of the feral hogs or their destruction when you see it. And it gets better. Tag us on your social media and you could earn incentives that range from free food and volunteer hours for the Bright Futures Scholarship Program to concert tickets and even a VIP spot at one of the newest and most iconic block parties in the city! So, yea. You could be eating your free food while on your way to the Rod Wave concert you’re getting in for free ALL because you decided to save the planet in between checking The Shade Room on the Gram and watching your best friends’ TikToks. That’s wild!

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What is are these invasive species you speak of?

Let Duval's Invasive Species Squad break it down a wee bit further for you. Click D.I.S.S.

Sounds good! How can I help?

Now that you know more, let's do more, but with less? You know what, just click Action!

I'm hooked. Who else is doing this? 

Whoever said they could do this alone, lied. Check out some other really cool conservation projects and groups in our city! 

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